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--Rusty The Rockinghorse--

--I'll Tell My Ma--

--You Are My Sunshine--


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Sarah's new CD "For A Little One I Love" is now available for purchase!


Release Date: 2010

Track Listing:

1. Red Red Robin

2. Nothing Too Scary

3. I'll Tell My Ma

4. When I Was A Child

5. Erie Canal

6. Mrs. Murphy's Chowder

7. Oh Dear! What Can The Matter Be?

8. Rusty The Rocking Horse

9. I Dyed My Peticoat Red

10. Camptown Races

11. There's a Great Big Candy Roundup

12. Garten Mother's Lullaby

13. Slumber My Darling

14. You Are My Sunshine

15. Prarie In The Sky

16. A Lullaby For Hank

17. Jasmine

18. Sou Gan

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Waterloo Records

Things Celtic

Heartsong Music

Heartsong Music